About Perceptions:

PERCEPTIONS' background includes over 25 years of experience in High-Tech Marketing, Paper Engineering, Technical Graphics Design, and Business-To-Business Commerce.

PERCEPTIONS designs, prints, builds, and packages custom paper Pop-Up Cards and Scale Promotional Models for maximum marketing impact and longevity.

PERCEPTIONS builds and promotes Web Sites that are compelling, informative, and above all, based upon sound marketing principles.

PERCEPTIONS designs "magnetic" Banner Ads that attract mouse clicks, without being cheesy :-)

Our Scale Models and Pop-Ups have been used for Trade Show Displays, Trade Show Give-Aways, Sales Demonstrations, Architectural Design Presentations, and Direct Mail Promotions.

The team has advanced degrees in Engineering and Business and can design graphics and models ranging from a simple 3-D logo to a complex jet engine turbine rotor.

PERCEPTIONS has also developed a line of paper model kits called The Great Trains of the World which is being distributed internationally. In 1993, our custom designed, Pop-Up Card of the new San Francisco Center For The Arts was used as an invitation to the grand opening by the S.F. Redevelopment Commission.

Paper Model Kits and Pop-Ups of your product, service, or campaign can be distributed via the internet or incorporated into standard brochures, ads, or flyers for a more spectacular and lasting presentation.

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