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Measurement Instrument Manufacturer

PERCEPTIONS designs, prints, builds, and packages custom paper Scale Promotional Models to meet client requirements. Most kits are die cut for easier assembly

Our Scale Models been used for Trade Show Displays, Trade Show Give-Aways, Sales Demonstrations, Architectural Design Presentations, and Direct Mail Promotions.

The team has advanced degrees in Engineering and can design models ranging from a simple Doll-House Railroad to a complex jet engine turbine rotor.

Perceptions has also developed a line of paper model kits called The Great Trains of the World which is being distributed internationally.
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Paper Model Kits representing your product, service, or campaign can be distributed via the internet or incorporated into standard brochures, ads, or flyers for a more spectacular and lasting presentation.

Scale Model Doll House Model RR

The Paper Train Factory

Promo Model Kit

Construction Equipment Manufacturer

Scale Model Kit of Swiss

The Paper Train Factory

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Scale Model Kit of Orient Express

The Paper Train Factory

Venture Capital Promo Model Kit

Literature &
Business Plan Candy Box


Promo model

Computer w/ Card Cage

Ironics, Inc


Trade Show Sales Tool

Computerized Driver Training Classroom


Ligtht in Winter Festival - Theme Model Kit

Leonardo Da Vinci's "Aerial Screw"

Promo Model Kit

Polaroid Camera for Photo Studio


Promo Model Kit

Jabaru 1920's Airliner for Travel Accessory Manufacturer

Promo Model Kit

Wheel Loader

-LeTourneau Mining Equip. Manufacturer

Promo Model Kit

Light Railway

Fund Raiser Kit

Brooklyn Tech
High School Building

Promo Model Kit

Bay Area Rapid Transit
(BART) -Train Set

-in progress